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Nightmare on Figueroa Playoff Thread: STL/LAK & PHI/NJD

There is one World Championship game yet to be played today that contains a Ducks player: Luca Sbisa and Team Switzerland play Belarus today at 10:15AM. If you can watch it on YouTube, enjoy!

Oh by the way - SUCK IT, CANADA! The US beat Canada yesterday 5-4 in OT. Captain America, Jack Johnson, saves his best play of career for Team USA and not the NHL. He had two goals, including the OT winner.


GAME 1: St. Louis Blues at Los Angeles Kings, 12:00PM on NBC, TSN, RDS

SBN Sites: St. Louis Game Time, Jewels From The Crown & Battle of California

Series Record & Storyline: Jon Hamm's Home 3 - Jon Hamm's Favorite Team 0. This is the 'Nightmare on Figueroa' I was referencing in the headline. The Kings are one win away from the Western Conference Finals (vomit). Seeing as it's Sunday, I'm sure everyone went to church and prayed to the God of your choice to stop this from happening. As of tomorrow night, it could be a Pacific Division Showdown in the WCF. Ugh.


St. Louis Blues vs. LA Kings Correct Predictions
Winner # of Games Team # of Games* Total Correct
Jen St. Louis 6 Jen 4 0 4
Robby St. Louis 4 Robby 3 0 3
Daniel St. Louis 5 Daniel 6 5 11
Kristen St. Louis 6 Kristen 3 1 4
Sara St. Louis 6 Sara 3 0 3
Chris St. Louis 7 Chris 4 0 4
Justin Los Angeles 7 Justin 6 2 8
Kevin St. Louis 6 Kevin 3 0 3
*Must Predict Winner to Get Credit for Correct Number of Games


GAME 2: Philadelphia Flyers at New Jersey Devils, 4:30PM on CBC, NBCSN, RDS

SBN Sites: Broad Street Hockey & In Lou We Trust

Series Record & Storyline: Zach Parise 2 - Others 1. I don't know how this series can't rest on the shoulders of Ilya Bryzgalov. We all know that the Flyers can score, that's not their problem. Bryz, on the other hand, can be shaky, at best, but then again, he can be brilliant as well. Throughout the entire playoffs, he hasn't exactly been completely solid. If New Jersey can get into his head, the series is as good as theirs.