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AC-News Team Report: Getzlaf's Got No Game (in Finland)

[Ed. Note: Had to pull the image of Getzlaf. If you'd like to see it, click here:]

If you haven't heard already, Ducks Captain Ryan Getzlaf and BFF Corey Perry were involved in a skirmish of sorts in Finland over the weekend. Being the respectable news agency we are, we have a reporter imbedded in Finland that provided us with the translated Finnish news reports of the incident. (HUGE stick-tap to Mikael (Fallenity) for gathering and translating all the information below.)

Three conclusions we can draw from this information: 1) Getzlaf needs to mention Teemu Selanne to get Finnish girls to talk to him. 2) Getzlaf is every drunken fratboy I went to college with. 3) Getzlaf's wife wasn't in Finland over the weekend, but she's sure as hell over there (or on her way) now.

And really, the reason I am forced to be hockey's version of TMZ is the Ducks fault. Had they made the playoffs, we wouldn't be having this problem, now would we?

-- Original video of Perry dancing around in the club. The only thing we can ascertain from this is that Corey Perry is the whitest of white guys when he dances. I tried to embed the video but my Finnish is very rusty.



Canada's NHL star Ryan Getzlaf ended up in fistfight with a Finnish man.

Getzlaf's argument at The Circus -nightclub Sunday night was reported by MTV3 (Finnish tv channel) and Helsingin Sanomat (Finnish newspaper), based on eye witness reports.

According to MTV3 Getzlaf shaked his fist against a Finnish group and threatened to "put them down".

The argument went so far, that Getzlaf and a Finnish man started fighting each other in the line for the cloakroom.

Security and outsiders managed to separate the two men before any damage was done.


[Mikael Note: Another article, I'll just state the info not given in the other one]

- After the loss to USA, they headed to a first class hiphop / rap club. I might be remembering wrong, but I think this is where they were partying last time also when they were in Finland, but not sure.

- Getzlaf introduced himself to the artists playing at the club as Teemu Selanne's team mate. As the night went on, he became interested in former Miss Finland Sara Sieppi

- Around 4 am he and other players ended up in an argument with the forementioned Finnish group, Getzlaf apparently shouted "You don't want this, I'll put you all down!" and "Three minutes and you're all down!"

- They kept shouting outside the nightclub after they got thrown out, but no more fighting.

- The article doesn't say if the group he ended up arguing with was Sara Sieppi's group or not.


According to another article:

They asked Sara Sieppi, the Canadian players were interested in a lot of girls, with the other players also talking. She said "We talked with him, but it wasn't any type of pick up attempt. Normal conversation". They had been at the USA - Canada game.


Nothing really special in this one:

it was Getzlaf, Perry, O'Reilly and Ward at least who were at the club. Also Benn is in that previous video (I think), but he's not mentioned here. Anyway, Ward at least said that "They're not allowed to be taken pictures of in bars" after they declined a group photo.


Non-Finnish Updates via Justin (JuMobray):

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[Ed. Note: I'm not too concerned about this. He's 27, married young with a baby at home. While that makes it sad, it's just professional athletes being professional athletes. I doubt we have any Richards-Carter-esque shenanigans here. They were repeat offenders. He and Perry are in contract years. They don't want to devalue their product when they're already set to get hefty raises.]