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Well Hello There Shea Weber Playoff Thread: NJD/PHI

Update on our staff picks after Phoenix's series victory over Nashville:

Nashville Predators vs. Phoenix Coyotes Correct Predictions
Winner # of Games Team # of Games* Total Correct
Jen Nashville 5 Jen 4 0 4
Robby Phoenix 7 Robby 4 0 4
Daniel Phoenix 6 Daniel 7 5 12
Kristen Phoenix 7 Kristen 4 1 5
Sara Phoenix 6 Sara 4 0 4
Chris Nashville 6 Chris 4 0 4
Justin Nashville 5 Justin 6 2 8
Kevin Nashville 5 Kevin 3 0 3
*Must Predict Winner to Get Credit for Correct Number of Games

Begin courting RFA Shea Weber...NOW!


GAME 1: New Jersey Devils at Philadelphia Flyers, 4:30 PM on CBC, NBCSN, RDS

SBN Sites: Broad Street Hockey & In Lou We Trust

Series Record & Storyline: Deviled Eggs 3 - Cheese Steaks 1. Who saw this coming? I thought Philly was going to roll over New Jersey the way they did Pittsburgh. I think a lot of this can be laid on Ilya Bryzgalov. He's let in a lot of sloppy goals and needs a major goal cushion to keep his teammates in it. Thanks to the Shanahammer, Philly will have to build that goal cushion without team leading scorer Claude Giroux due to his one game suspension for a hit on Dainius Zubris in Game 3. I kinda want New Jersey to win, not just because of my love for Zach Parise, but because they will clinch the series IN Philadelphia. Another group of fans I enjoy being forced to shut up.