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If you haven't seen the news yet, Saku Koviu has signed a one-year deal to return to the Ducks. His deal is worth $3M (a $500,000 bump from last year). I am a HUGE Saku Koivu fan and I think he's crucial to whatever transformation that the Ducks are going to go through next year. I'm hoping this encourages Teemu Selanne to give it a go for another year, as well.


Quick World Championships Update: Canada beat Luca Sbisa and the Swiss today 3-2. Guess who scored the game-winner? Ryan Getzlaf. If he needs to be made a fool in the media to perform well, then I am going to have to TMZ it up next season. He was even quoted as saying, "... I had to shoot." WTF?!


Update on site predictions:

Philadelphia Flyers vs. New Jersey Devils Correct Predictions
Winner # of Games Team # of Games* Total Correct
Jen Philadelphia 5 Jen 4 0 4
Robby Philadelphia 4 Robby 4 0 4
Daniel Philadelphia 6 Daniel 7 5 12
Kristen Philadelphia 6 Kristen 4 1 5
Sara Philadelphia 5 Sara 4 0 4
Chris Philadelphia 6 Chris 4 0 4
Justin Philadelphia 7 Justin 6 2 8
Kevin New Jersey 7 Kevin 4 0 4
*Must Predict Winner to Get Credit for Correct Number of Games


GAME 1: New York Rangers @ Washington Capitals, 4:30PM on CBC, RDS, NBCSN

SBN Sites: Blueshirt Banter & Japers' Rink

Series Record & Storyline: Broadway 3 - Beltway 2. Can the Rangers close it out or will Washington force the second Game 7 for the Rangers in this playoffs? Once again, the Rangers destroyed the Capitals mentally by tying the game with six-seconds to go in the third and then scored the OT winner within a minute and a half. The Rangers were able to gain the upper hand as Joel Ward took a four-minute high sticking penalty that eventually lead to the two goals. The Caps will be in Washington and that building is loud. If they can tap into whatever energy their fans bring, they just might be able to win.