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Anaheim Ducks Fan Favorite Sports Highlight

As part of Samsung's "Favorite Sports Highlights" campaign, the Ducks have a lot of moments to choose from in the organization's relatively young existence. Their first playoff series win, 2003 Stanley Cup Final appearance, and of course The Cup. Instead of going for the obvious highlight, I'm going to go for one that I was in attendance for.

Corey Perry's hat trick versus the Sharks to reach 50 goals.

There hasn't been one time in my hockey fan career that I wanted a player to get a hat-trick more than I wanted Perry to get one that night. First, it was the Sharks. Anything the Ducks do that causes the Sharks to look silly, I am all for. Second, the hat-trick would give Perry an even 50-goals on the season. The 2010-2011 season was remarkable for Perry. By winning the Hart Trophy, he was cemented amongst the elite in the NHL. People were forced to look past him just being a past on the ice. He finally came out of the shadow of Ryan Getzlaf and Bobby Ryan.

My dad and I were at the game. When Perry got the 3rd goal, you would have thought the Ducks had just won The Cup (again). The fans were going crazy. It was so loud in Honda Center. Of the Sharks fans that were there, they were hanging their heads. Ducks fans were hugging and jumping up and down. It was like one of our kids out there on the ice. I still get chills thinking of that moment.