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Notes from Bob Murray's Appearance on NHL Live

Bizzaro Randy Carlyle
Bizzaro Randy Carlyle

If you weren't able to catch the interview, here are my notes from Ducks GM Bob Murray's phone interview on NHL Live:

On Teemu Selanne - Saw him a couple days ago, before he went back to Finland. He looks good. BM thinks Teemu is waiting to see what the team does over the 'next three weeks'. He's used to this process by now.

On Coaching Change - It was time for a change in general, and a change in personality. Instead of bringing someone in that was just like Randy Carlyle, he had to do a full 180 and bring in someone like Bruce Boudreau. Noted how very different those two men are.

On 2011-12 Roster - Over time, they tried to get faster. While getting faster, they got smaller. The teams in the playoffs were full of big guys.

On Justin Schultz - Very sore spot for him. Justin told BM that he wanted to play for them and BM counted on him to fill a 'guaranteed spot' on the blueline. He was going to help the power play. It's all a huge disappointment. Acknowledged it's a loophole in the CBA. Closed with 'somethings you don't understand and move on'.

General Comments on Draft - the team has 'drafted well' in the past few years to fill the hole left by giving up assets to get players like Chris Pronger. Several times he referred to the past few drafts as a 're-build'.

On Ryan Getzlaf & Corey Perry's Contracts - Stated a couple times that it was all about 'starting the conversation'. Said he has reached out to Perry's agent Pat Morris. Will connect with 'Getz's guy'. Has to consider the new CBA coming. Will ask if the players want to stay in Anaheim. They've had a lot of success, they're really good players, and he'd like to keep them as long as possible.