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Anaheim Ducks 2012-2013 Schedule Released

Today the NHL released the schedule for the 2012-2013 season. The Ducks version of the schedule can be found here.

A few things to look forward to*:

-- Ducks begin the season with a four game HOME-stand. Usually the Ducks start their season on the road to very crappy results. Opening night is Friday, October 12th versus the San Jose Sharks.

-- Anaheim ends the season on the road versus the Los Angeles Kings on Saturday, April 13th. This is after a final three-game home-stand versus the Dallas Stars, Edmonton Oilers and Colorado Avalanche.

-- There are many four and five-game road trips scattered through out the season. There are no road trips lasting longer than five games.

-- Very few away games against Eastern Conference teams

-- Could our first chance to see Justin Schultz on the ice be in Toronto (ha!) on October 30th? (2:1 odds he gets knocked into next week by Corey Perry and/or Ryan Getzlaf.)

-- There are two 10am games at Philly (Saturday, November 3rd) and at Buffalo (Sunday, November 4th). Could be candidates for an NBC game, if they decide to start airing those before the Winter Classic.

-- I guess the after-Thanksgiving game against the Chicago Blackhawks can be called a tradition now. It's happening again on Friday, November 23rd at 1:00PM.

-- Friday, January 30th the Pittsburgh Penguins come to town. Last time they were in Anaheim, Ryan Getzlaf and Sidney Crosby had a few words. I found it hilarious.

* If there is a season