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Justin Schultz Defects to Edmonton Oilers

So it wasn't Toronto after all. (Although there are reports that the Leafs were willing to trade a second round pick to Anaheim for a 24-hour window to negotiate with Schultz. WHY NOT BOB?!) Tampering charges were just a hoop-dream.

The Justin Schultz Saga/Drama is finally over. The NHL's most highly touted, rookie free agent has decided to sign with the Edmonton Oilers. Do not troll the people at Copper & Blue. We can't help that their team's management has no soul. They took Dustin Penner with a ridiculous offer-sheet. Now Schultz. Fool me once...

I was thinking about it. Rookies track records in Edmonton are a little sketchy. Taylor Hall misses rest of rookie season after injuring himself in his very first fight. Next season he cuts his face open during warm-ups. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins injured his shoulder, hampering his chance at rookie of the year. Nail Yakupov took to twitter the answer fans questions and proclaimed that he was a virgin, but added a ;( for effect. Not a good track record, but whatever.

If you're wondering, and I'm sure you are, the Ducks play Edmonton in Anaheim on October 19th and April 7th. The Ducks travel to Edmonton on December 1st and January 19th. If Edmonton wasn't such a crappy place (sorry Edmontonians), I would fly up to Rexall Place just to 'BOOOOOOOOOOOO'.

JOIN the BOO SCHULTZ MOVEMENT! Here is an online petition that says you will BOO Justin Schultz when he comes to your home NHL arena. Tell your friends!