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Stanley Cup Final Game 3 Thread - Jeff Carter's Karma

Stanley Cup Final Game 3: New Jersey Devils at Los Angeles Kings, 5:00PM on CBC, RDS, NBCSN

SBN Sites: In Lou We Trust, Jewels From The Crown & Battle of California

Series Record: LA 2 - NJ 0

After this season, you would think that any player short of Sean Avery would have horrible karma if they were traded, visibly hated his new team, and 'unofficially' requested a trade to a new team. Well, apparently the rules of karma are not applicable to Jeff Carter. He was a jerk while he was in Columbus and now he's the hero for LA. Disgusting.


Extra viewing! Dirk from On the Forecheck, Dominik from Lighthouse Hockey and yours truly are doing a video series on lesser known Devils and Kings. My video is still uploading and I'll post it tomorrow. Dominik is up first. Spoiler alert: he does much better than I do.