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Stanley Cup Final Game 4 Thread - Happy Anniversary!

Stanley Cup Final Game 4: New Jersey Devils at Los Angeles Kings, 5:00PM on CBC, RDS, NBCSN

SBN Sites: In Lou We Trust, Jewels From The Crown & Battle of California

Series Record: LA 3 - NJ 0

No one - even me - can discount what the LA Kings have done. They have lost twice (!!!) in the entire playoffs. Absolutely incredible. They became the team I knew I would be afraid of once they acquired Mike Richards over the summer. The series is likely to end tonight with a sweep of the NJ Devils. One thing I can take solace in now that I have to share my Stanley Cup, we can team up with each other to make fun of the Sharks. They have been favored to win The Cup more than the Ducks and Kings over the past decade and have failed - each and every time.


Of course, the final horn of the game hasn't sounded yet. Until that moment sounds, we're still the only team in California to have a Stanley Cup. It's an odd twist of fate that we won the Stanley Cup five years ago tonight and our mortal enemies will likely do the same.

Where were you when you saw this? Watching this fan video from YouTube gave me chills!