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Seriously! It's Actually Official This Time - TEEMU IS BACK!

Here is the video announcement from the Ducks website:

Looks like we can trust the Finnish media after all. Teemu Selanne is coming back for his 20th season. Instead ofwriting something completely new, I'm just going to re-run my post from June 19th :)


Thank you Baby Jeebus, our prayers have been answered - for the most part. Per Eric Stephens, quoting a Finnish report, Teemu will be back.

The Ducks leading scorer from last season and organization record-holder in pretty much every category, Teemu Selanne will be returning for his 20th NHL season. Selanne will turn 42 years-old on July 3rd and he doesn't play (or look) at day over 25. Fans had to know it was a good sign for the team when Bob Murray commented that 'Teemu's begun training' when speaking at the Select-a-Seat event.

Selanne will likely receive a slight raise on his usual $4M salary. He usually has several performance bonuses tied to his contract as well, and I don't expect this to be any different. Our friends at Cap Geek will have all the details once officially announced.

You all can exhale now.