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Per Kings Twitter Account: MMA is Not a Real Sport

Back at the beginning of the NHL playoffs, someone in the Kings organization (likely) came t h i s close to losing his job. That, my friends, would be the guy that runs the team's Twitter account.

Everyone remembers the now infamous tweet by the Kings following their win over Vancouver. My first thought when seeing the tweet was, "That guy has worked his last Kings game." You just don't see taunting like that coming from a team. I have to image the PR Department was crapping their pants at how quickly the tweet was flying around the world, leading to a controversy in Vancouver.

The social media guy for the Kings owes the keeping of his job to all the people that found the tweet funny and celebrated the Kings for having balls to fire the first shot. After that, it was on.

I will admit, some of their stuff made me laugh; however, nothing made me crack up as much as this unfortunate series of tweets between the UFC and the Kings. For those of you not aware, Staples Center - home of your Los Angeles Kings - is hosting the UFC.


[Ed. Note: This screenshot is from the feed of MMA enthusiast RK found by searching 'Kings+Not+A+Real+Sport']

LA deleted their tweet back to the UFC. Mr. Social Media must not have read the employee newsletter with upcoming events (or even the actual tweet from UFC) before tweeting that beauty.

UFC is a cash cow. It's likely to bring in some additional money for AEG to pay those ridiculous contracts of Mike Richards and Jeff Carter. Not so funny now, right Mr. Anschutz?

(This post requires a 'sarcasm font' that the SBN's story editor does not have. I am fully prepared to be attacked by Kings fans and the Kings themselves for calling out their mistake. And for the record, I think MMA is a real sport. Our friends at MMA Fighting offered their opinion and it's a beauty.)