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Bruce Boudreau's One-on-One with CSN Washington

Coach's interpretation of 'Blue Steel'
Coach's interpretation of 'Blue Steel'

There is still a fascination in Washington DC with Anaheim Ducks head coach Bruce Boudreau. I attribute this behavior to Caps fans having 'Boudreau Separation Anxiety Disorder'. A good old helping of (Adam) Oates should clear that right up. ZING!

CSN Washington asked readers to submit questions for a one-on-one with Bruce. You can read the entire article, naturally a lot of it has to do with his time in Washington, but I'll give you a few quick observations of some Ducks-related answers.

  • Bruce believes that he can break the historically craptastic start of the season streak.
  • The most interesting part, albeit small, is when Bruce references the top line. He openly acknowledges that he didn't play Bobby Ryan with Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry all that much. No reason as to why, but he does clearly state a couple times the the top line is missing a 'piece'. (Sideline prognostication: Bobby starts the season in Anaheim and is shipped-out when times get tough.)
  • He misses DC, the city. He must not live at the beach here.
  • Continues to show love for Saku Koivu and his contributions. He confirms what we all pretty much know, Koivu will be the third-line center.
  • Slips in that even though Getzlaf didn't score a lot of goals, there was a reason that "a lot of teams wanted him". Interesting.
  • He compares Corey Perry to Alex Ovechkin in compete level. He says that Perry doesn't have the charisma of Ovi. Say whaa?

[High-five for teamwork to JP at Japer's Rink for emailing me this article. He's good people.]