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Let's Play Pretend: Sign Up For Anaheim Calling's Fantasy League

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[Ed. Note: Last year's fantasy hockey leagues didn't go as planned. Forget they ever happened. This year, I have a new commissioner that is already on the AC staff - Justin! I can fire him if things don't go well. This will be a dictatorship, not a democracy. Whatever Commissioner Justin says, goes.]

Anaheim Calling is operating two different Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Hockey League's this season.

The first league, "Lubo's Driving School", works on a head-to-head scoring system. The second league, "Teemu's Happy Place", works on a rotisserie scoring system. Each league will have the basic scoring settings that pertain to each scoring system. For whomever lucks out with the first overall selection, you must pick Sheldon Souray! (Kidding.)

If you're new to the game or in need of a rules refresher, here you go. The league begins with a draft. You and other league members, pick 12-16 players per roster. Now the rules differentiate depending on the league you're in.

In a head-to-head system (H2H), your team of players go 'head-to-head' against another team's players each week. The goal is to beat your opponent in categories (goals, assists, PIM, etc.). The winner of the match is the one that wins the most categories. The next week, you play a new person in the league and do the same thing. At the end of the season, the player with the most 'match wins' against the other teams in the league is crowned the champion.

In a rotisserie league, you don't play the other teams in the league one-on-one. Now it's your team against the rest of the league's teams. Like H2H, you want to have the best stats in the league; best stats = more points. Points are awarded via ranking in each category (goals, assists, PIM, etc.) and change daily because your stats change daily. Goal is to have the highest number of points at the end of the season. Point amounts are based on the number of teams in the league.

This league is open to everyone! Even if you haven't before participated in a Fantasy Hockey League, you're still very welcome to join. If you would like to play, please send Jen an email at (or click the envelope at the bottom of the screen next to her name) with your name, email, and which league you want to join. She'll get those over to me. You have until Sunday, September 16th at 5:00pm PT to sign up. After I get the names, I'll set a draft date for both leagues. Said date is non-negotiable. You can play in both leagues (tell Jen that) if you want; however, if space fills up, you'll have to pick a league so someone else can fill the slot.

And lastly, just for a little fun, my brother got me this wicked retro Teemu Selanne poster for my birthday - but the seller unfortunately doesn't ship to Canada. Thus, whoever can post the best Ducks-related fantasy hockey team name (mine is Million Dollar Smaby) by Sunday at 5:00 pm PT, will win the poster, cost-free!