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Your Friendly Thursday Links Roundup: The All CBA Negotiations All The Time Edition

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With a little bit of Ducks news thrown in, of course.

As for the event that dare not speak its name: I'm definitely not an expert on labor negotiations, and it's weird for me to feel pity for people who are making six- and seven-figures a year. But I'm sad that the players are (very likely) going to lose a year of their careers. The lockout could potentially hinder the development of Emerson Etem, who was poised to break into the NHL this year. The lockout will definitely take a year from Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf - two players in the prime of their careers. And if this forces Teemu into retirement, well, well - I don't want to think about that. [Ed. Note: Lose a year of hockey = Perry & Getzlaf are free agents.]


  • Bobby Ryan has backpedaled on his trade demands, but is he still secretly holding out for a trade? [Rant Sports]
  • A look at Emerson Etem. [Rant Sports]