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Your Friendly Weekend Links Roundup: The Countdown Clock Edition

I have the depressing honor of publishing the first Anaheim Calling content of the countdown to the lockout. Woohoo a doomsday clock.


  • Much to Daniel's chagrin, Bobby Ryan does not intend to leave North America this season. []
  • Watch Bobby Ryan and Sheldon Souray discuss the lockout. [OC Register]
  • The Anaheim Ducks High School Hockey League has added four schools, expanding to 14 total. [Anaheim Ducks]
  • DSP (Devante Smith-Pelly for the uninitiated) from A-Z. [OC Register]


  • Welcome to the first Social Media Lockout! [Backhand Shelf]
  • How the lockout hurts fans. [Defending Big D]
  • As expected, Shane Doan has re-signed with the Phoenix Coyotes for four years. []
  • The Caps have followed the trend of signing young players to six year contracts: John Carlson's is worth $23.8 million. [Japer's Rink]
  • Alex Burrows has signed a four-year, $18 million contract extension with the Canucks. [ESPN]
  • In more depressing news, the Caps have sent Braden Holtby (who was poised to take over as the Caps #1 goaltender) to the AHL's Hershey Bears. []