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NHL Cancels Preseason Games Through September 30th


Had to know this was coming, it was only a matter of when. So far, only part of the preseason schedule has been cancelled. This includes Kraft Hockeyville's game in Belleville, Ontario. I don't know exactly what that is. The only conclusion I can draw is that it was for children; therefore, Gary Bettman hates children.

If you were curious, the Ducks would have played three preseason games between now and the 30th. They were against the Coyotes and Avalanche at home and the Sharks on the road.

I predict this time next week, if not earlier, all the remaining preseason games will be cancelled.

Since this is sad news, lets play a game. In the comments, leave the exact date you think the lockout will end. You must include the month, day and year to qualify. Person that gets the closest without going over will get something signed. I have a lot of junk memorabilia. I'll keep the list on Google Docs for the AC staff, should I get hit by a bus before the lockout ends. You have until September 30th at 11:59pm PT to make your prediction.