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Anaheim Calling's Top 10 Ducks Inspired Fantasy Hockey Names

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Suo You?
Suo You?

Here are the results for those who entered to win this sweet Teemu Selanne poster! As the contest rules went, you needed to submit a Ducks-related Fantasy Hockey name by September 16th at 5:00 PT to have your chance at winning the Selanne poster. The results, if you will...

10. 2012-2013 Hockey Season

Commenter Thyme entered this name as a slight towards the NHL's lockout. And like the lockout, this name was just straight up bad!

9. Caleffi Killers

Felipe Caleffi, who runs Anaheim Ducks Brasil entered his Fantasy hockey-winning pseudonym. Although it is clever, it doesn't entirely relate to the Ducks. Don't kill me!

8. Getz Str8 Baldin

User Suddenly posted this insult, err, fantasy hockey name that disparages Ryan Getzlaf's head of hair. It was funny, but I don't think Getzlaf will be losing any sleep over this.

7. Luca's Lockouts

As you'll see later in the top-10, there were two Luca Sbisa-related fantasy hockey names. AC Moderator Eric_Stites chose Luca's Lockouts, which, while being a crafty alliteration of the current state of the NHL, wasn't witty enough to make the jump into the top-tier of names.

6. Etem the Competition

Regular commenter DavidBL chose to focus his name on uber-prospect Emerson Etem. While Etem, who scored 61 goals in 60 games for the WHL's Medicine Hat Tigers last year, did indeed 'eat his competition up', this fell just short of making the top-five.

5. Corey Perry Charm School

Anaheim Calling's very own Managing Editor Jen Neale chose this clever conflicting juxtaposition as her Fantasy name. While it was funny, its successfulness is on par with this Charm School's would-be enrollment rates.

4. Living La Vida Luca

User slapsh0t61 created the other Sbisa-centric Fantasy name with Living La Vida Luca, a play on Ricky Martin's 1999 one-hit wonder Livin' La Vida Loca. Although it was certainly clever, it couldn't quite crack the top-three.

3. Why So Souray?

Dkk, a regular contributor at AC, made his Fantasy name a play on Anaheim's overpaid big offseason acquisition. Although it didn't win, this name takes the cake on coolest pop-culuture reference.

2. 2 Fasth 2 Furious/Kariya-n Soap Opera

Commenter Mike Stewie submitted two names, with the latter being the one that earned the #2 spot. Kariya-n Soap Opera hits on a few different levels, with the best known one being that it is a euphemism for describing the 2003 Mighty Ducks off-season.

1. Suomi? Suo You!

User Bryseroni chose a winner when he created this clever play on the name Suomi, the Finnish name for the country Finland. As if Ducks fans didn't love Finnish players for enough reasons, you can now add that their country name is capable of making hilarious Fantasy hockey names!

To Bryseroni: to claim your prize, please email me at, and we can figure out when the poster can be shipped to you, along with all of the other details.

Thank you to everyone for playing!