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Getzlaf Part Deux Due In December, Revisiting The Mr. Mom Debate

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Harry How - Getty Images

Over this past year, year and a half-ish, we've had three frequent debates: 1) Fire Bob Murray, 2) Trade Bobby Ryan and 3) The Frustrating Ryan Getzlaf. On the Getzlaf topic, we've all pointed to various reasons of why he isn't performing to the level he was at three-to-five years ago. We speculated on everything, but there was one theory that was more hotly debated than any other - Getzlaf was struggling to balance professional hockey and being a young, new dad.

Eric Stephens of the OC Register published an article on the reason Ryan Getzlaf was sticking around the states during the lockout, instead of flocking overseas. Getzlaf's reasoning was this:

"I'm at a point now where I have a young boy at home," he said. "It's nice to spend time with him and [my wife and] I have another baby due in December. It's kind of at a point where I don't really have the option to go over to Europe right now with my son and one on the way.
"It's a great time for me to spend time with my family and hope that this thing doesn't last long."

Spending more time with the family is probably something he needed more than anything. During the season, I remarked that Getzlaf was beginning to use the child as an excuse. Naturally, I heard it from the parents, including my own, on how difficult your first baby can be. Apparently I liked to scream all the time - day or night - while my mom worked as a night-shift nurse and my dad was in car sales. They wish me a newborn just as 'dramatic' as I was.

Should the lockout not go a full year (praying!) Getzlaf and Corey Perry will be in their 'contract year'. (Speculation haters, time to stop reading - it's the lockout. I need material.) Let's say that Getzlaf has an unbelievable season with two kids under the age of three in his house. Is he motivated by money? Did he decide to just start trying again? Could there be a nanny?! If he's great, then how do you explain last season? Speculate away!

All jokes aside, we wish the Getzlaf family a happy and healthy baby when he/she arrives in December. Should the lockout be done by then, please encourage Lil' Getzy the Sequel to arrive on a non-game day.