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This Week in Ducks History: September 16th - September 22nd

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It seems like all we ever talk about nowadays is the lockout. This week it isn't even avoidable in our history post. On Sept. 16, 2004, the NHL officially announced that it had locked out its players due to the expiration of its Collective Bargaining Agreement.

From a Ducks' perspective the '04-'05 lockout (formerly known as "The Lockout") acts as an enormous demarcation in the club's history as it was to NHL history as a whole. Aside from the fact that an entire season was lost and despite what the owners may say about the current situation the effects of the lockout (rule changes, salary cap, etc.) were largely positive for the game as a whole and more so for the Ducks than any other team.

The franchise went through a huge transformation during and immediately after the lockout most notably with the sale of the team to Henry and Susan Samueli and the subsequent hiring of GM Brian Burke and Randy Carlyle. As Jen noted in a post a few weeks ago, the lockout resurrected Teemu Selanne's career by allowing him to have, and fully recover from, major knee surgery before signing with the Ducks shortly following the work stoppage. Burke [Ed. Note: With a little help from Rob] was able to bring in Scott Niedermayer to captain the team in the post-lockout free agent frenzy.

All tolled between June 20 and August 22, 2005 the entire leadership structure of the team had turned over from owners box to the ice. As a direct result, the Ducks were became one of the most successful teams in the league under the first few years of the CBA including the franchise's first Stanley Cup championship.

Unfortunately it is almost impossible to imagine that the current lockout will be anywhere near as beneficial to the Ducks. I've argued in other posts and on twitter that this summer has been one of the worst in memory for us Ducks fans. With Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf approaching free agency (at the end of the 2012-'13 season) and Teemu on the cusp of retirement, the aftermath of the current lockout has the potential to be as disastrous as the previous lockout was advantageous. At least it's not as likely that we'll miss the full season this time.

This Week in Ducks History:

Sept. 16, 1974
LW Bob Wren born in Preston, Ontario, Canada

Sept. 16, 2004
NHL officially announces lockout that will eventually cancel the entire 2004-'05 season.

Sept. 17, 1997
Acquired RW Scott Young from the Colorado Avalanche in exchange for a third round pick in the 1998 NHL Entry Draft.

Sept. 18, 1993
Terry Yake scores a hat trick in the Mighty Ducks' first ever preseason game vs. Pittsburgh. (via @NHLhistorygirl and @AnaheimDucks)
Not-So-Fun Fact: Most sites across the world wide interweb that reference this fact list the team as the "LA Mighty Ducks."

Sept. 19, 1970
LW Dan Bylsma born in Grand Haven, Michigan, USA

Sept. 19, 2000
Announced that Neil Smith would act as a consultant to President/GM Pierre Gauthier.

Sept. 20, 1971
RW Jeff Nielsen born in Grand Rapids, Minnesota, USA

Sept. 20, 1995
Announced the Raleigh IceCaps (ECHL) as a second minor league affiliate.

Sept. 21, 1963
Original Mighty Ducks' Captain, LW Troy Loney born in Bow Island, Alberta, Canada

Sept. 22, 1977
D Antti-Jussi Niemi born in Vantaa, Finland

Ducks related #RandomNHLfacts from @NHLhistoryGirl:

#NHLDucks defenceman Don McSween once missed five games due to chicken pox. #RandomNHLfact