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Anaheim Ducks Lockout Prospect Report: Frederik Andersen

Bongarts/Getty Images

Name: Fredrik Andersen

Age: 22; October 2, 1989

Position: G

Hometown: Born in Herning, Denmark

Draft Story: Drafted twice. First in 2010, 7th round, 187 overall by Carolina. Unable to agree on a contract with the Hurricanes he re-entered the draft. In 2012, drafted 3rd round, 87th overall by Anaheim.

How did he become a Duck?: In July of 2012, he signed a 2-year entry level contract with Anaheim.

Where did the Ducks send him for the lockout?: Norfolk Admirals, AHL

2011-2012 League & Team: Frölunda HC in Sweden

Extra hockey: In 2012, Andersen appeared in the IIHF World Championship games for his home team of Denmark. On the tough end of the battle, his team was out-shot in all six contests he appeared in, leaving his record at 1-5. (That should make him really comfortable if he's ever in the net behind Anaheim's defense.) Considering his significant disadvantage, he did OK with a .910 save percentage and a 3.41 GAA. He's participated in the 2009, 2010 and 2011 IIHF World Championships as well.

Key Stats Last Season: In 39 games played last season, he had allowed 65 GA which was on par for a 1.67 GAA and a .941 SV%. Quite impressive. More impressive were his eight shutouts; surpassing a record previously set in 2003-2004 by Henrik Lundqvist.

What do the scouts say about him, pros and cons: He's big. At 6'4" he's definitely got the size on his side. While he wasn't ranked or mentioned alongside other European goaltenders, he is someone they've taken note of. Most notably due to his composure when facing an excessive number of shots. His conditioning isn't all that great, though.

Is he a work-in-progress, future trade-bait, or a keeper?: Work in progress. He's young and still in need of AHL/NHL level competition. But, if we're looking for a player who is comfortable in being on the wrong side of the shots on goal, this might be a great step for the future.

Your excitement level for this kid joining the big club: He's an option. I mean, at some point, aren't all goaltenders? Other than the Ducks sitting somewhat comfortably with a few other goaltenders in their sight, it's going to be a long road for this kid. He really needs to face some higher competition before we start considering long term employment. That being said, goaltenders are rare and hard to come by, especially one as highly regarded as Andersen. It would be a shame not to let this play itself out to see where he stands. Maybe some good ole AHL competition is what he needs to get going here in North America. Who knows, we might just be pleasantly surprised.