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Your Friendly Tuesday Links Roundup: The Goodbye Sleek Edition

Makeover Monday Tuesday begins with our first post on the new site. Read what we tell you to!

Sleektoons by Earl Sleek

Who will represent our side of the most pathetic rivalry? I volunteer kid ish, if he isn't too busy bothering the good people of Broad Street Hockey. [Ed. Note: Meg will be recruiting a new Ducks writer. Warning - you get to work with me on stuff.]


  • As you all already now, Earl Sleek and RudyKelly have cracked under the pressure of creating new content during a lockout, and have decided to retire. [Battle of California]
  • Dan Ellis has signed a tryout contract with the AHL's Charlotte Checkers. [SB Nation]
  • On the small club of Garden State hockey players (which includes Bobby Ryan). []
  • has prepared their own Rickard Rakell preview. []