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NHL Cancels Preseason, Time To Bring In Drew Brees & Derek Fisher

The NHLPA needs to talk to Drew Brees and Derek Fisher on how they got through their CBA negotiations so quickly.

Mike Stobe - Getty Images

Here's a swift kick to the groin:


Short and sweet. They should have just ended it with 'SUCK IT FANS!' Love, Gary Bettman. We knew this was coming and it still sucks. The two sides aren't even remotely close to a deal.

You know who we need? Derek Fisher and Drew Brees. They were able to get through their respective lockouts somewhat quickly, Brees quicker than Fisher. If I remember correctly, both leagues and respective PA's took a couple of days to lock themselves in a room and hash out everything. The NFL missed only a couple pre-season games. The NBA got going again on Christmas. I want to start around Christmas!

This is a broad view, but if the NHL and NHLPA meet only to exchange proposals the other guys are bound to turndown, then what's the point? They meet 'formally' for one day. You can't negotiate something as huge as a new CBA if you're meeting once every vernal equinox. Informal talks, at least those we hear about, are few and far between.