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2013-14 Anaheim Ducks Season

Everything related to the 2013-14 season

Duck Tales: Boxing Day Edition

The World Junior Hockey Championships begin today!

Ducks @ Oilers Gamethread: Deja Vu

The Ducks face the same team they played a couple days ago hoping for the same result.

Watch the Nerds, Game

Deadlines are still a pressing issue for the Ishes at the moment, which means a brief spell in scoring plays charts and analyses.

Kicking the Cycle: Scoring Plays

One even strength cycle goal for a top line that loves to cycle. Maybe stop trying that so much!

Isles/Ducks Preview: Wherefore Art Thou Goalies?

The Ducks begin to figure out what their situation between the pipes is against the Islanders tonight.

The Anaheim Ducks Defense (feat. Pretty Charts!)

This isn't even the detailed look I'd prefer (if I had the time for) doing on each player. Fun!

Duck Tales: An "A" For The Offseason?

The folks at USA TODAY seem to think that this offseason has been a success for the Ducks. Agree or disagree?

Duck Tales: Free Agent Frenzy

Could the Ducks part ways with Mathieu Perreault today?

Duck Tales: Go To The Net, And I'll Make You Rich

Wise words from Ryan Getzlaf.

Duck Tales: Interview With The Getzlaf

Puck Daddy contributor (and former Anaheim Calling Managing Editor) Jen Neale interviewed Ryan Getzlaf at the NHL Awards. Plus: it's almost Draft Day

Duck Tales: Center Trade Next Week?

And does Ottawa want the 10th overall pick back?

Duck Tales: Compliance Buyouts, Unlikely

Plus: analysis of past drafts, more scintillating Spezza details, and Frederik Andersen's new mask.

Duck Tales: Big-Game Hunting

And the Spezza/Kesler plot thickens...

Duck Tales: More Trade Rumors!

Nick Bonino to the Ottawa Senators?

Duck Tales: Teemu Does Color Commentary

Plus some draftsanity!

AC Staff Prediction Challenge: Stanley Cup Final

The AC Staff has stopped their vomiting, sobbing, convulsing, and construction of voodoo dolls of the entire LA Kings lineup for a few minutes to throw down their last round of predictions. This round, things get a little nuts.

Podcast: Stanley Cuuuuuuuughhhhhp Final

Chris, Kyle and Eric talk way more than they wanted to about the Kings Rangers match up in the Stanley Cup Final and some other stuff that is vaguely Ducks related.

Duck Tales: Some Trade Speculation and Nostalgia

Spezza? Kesler? Jiggy and Scotty.

Handshake Line: The Kings Stand Alone

Heigh-ho, the derry-o...

Duck Tales: Continue Venting About Bob Murray Here

If you are so inclined. Inhale, exhale, repeat.

Handshake Line: Grumble Grumble Congrats Grumble

Anyone know knows me knows how much I absolutely despise the Los Angeles Kings. So needless to say, losing to them or giving them any credit at all is slightly less favorable than getting a root canal.

Handshake Line: Yes this is a thumbtack on my palm

This series would have been better with the Kings wearing purple and gold and the Ducks wearing teal and eggplant. What could have been.

Handshake Line: A Few of my Favorite Kings

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens/ Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens/ Brown paper packages tied up with strings/ These are a few of my favorite Kings.

Handshake Line: This is only the beginning...

...of an outright bitter California rivalry.

Pod of Shame

The AC Podcast crew touch on the crushing Game 7 defeat to the Kings, but try to look ahead at how to fix the issues going into future seasons.

Handshake Line: Reluctant Respect

No matter what team you root for, you cannot deny that the first ever Playoff series between the Ducks and Kings was, at the very least, gripping.

Handshake Line: Kudos to the Kings

Fans on both sides will remember this series for a long time to come. The Kings showed up to play in Games Six and Seven, and that was the difference.

Handshake Line: The Rivalry Begins

A true rivalry has begun now that there has finally been a playoff series between the Ducks and Kings.

Handshake Line: Reinvented Rivalry

Thought the hatred between the Ducks and Kings reached its peak when both teams finally got really, really good at the same time? Think again!

Handshake Line: Living In Epochal Times

Sometimes it's of benefit to take a look to the past and realize the uniqueness of the modern time. While the Ducks came up short, they did so against the greatest team the Los Angeles Kings have ever had. No shame in losing to a franchise's best.

This stream has:

Handshake Line

After a few days to cool off, so we don't pull a Milan Lucic, we at AC give the Kings their due for taking the first Playoff Freeway Faceoff in Seven Games.

Playoffmetrics, Round Two: Game Seven

The Ducks got beyond the first round and gave one of the best possession teams in the league a real run! Chins up, kids.


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