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2013 Ducks Draft

Bringing new Ducklings into the nest.

Ducks 2013 Draft Complete - Meet The New Ducklings

It took forever but the 2013 NHL Entry Draft is finally over. Lets take a quick review of the newest Ducklings to join the flock. We'll get our first view of the kids in action at the Ducks Conditioning Camp coming up soon.

Ducks Welcome Keaton Thompson In 3rd Round

He made the Mighty Ducks even tougher to beat with his patented knucklepuck ... oh, wait. Keaton Thompson not Kenan Thompson.

Ducks Take Nick Sörensen 45th Overall

The Ducks take Nick Sörensen with their second pick in the 2013 Entry Draft.

Ducks Pick Shea Théodore 26th Overall

With the 26th pick in the NHL Entry Draft the Anaheim Ducks are proud to select Shea Théodore.

This stream has:

2013 NHL Entry Draft: Searching for Hatchlings

Will the Ducks spend part of today re-arranging their 2013 roster in addition

Welcome To The Incubator, Ducklings (Draft Thread)

What's gonna happen today? Do Jonas and/or Bobby get traded? Will Seth Jones drop to #26?