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OC Register Reports Ducks Start Season Jan. 19 In Vancouver

Per Eric Stephens, the Ducks will start the 2013 season on the road against the Canucks.

Stephen Dunn

According to Eric Stephens of the Orange County Register, the Ducks will be starting the 2013 season Saturday Jan 19 in Vancouver. The official schedule won't be released until after the NHLPA ratifies the new CBA on Saturday.

The best thing about this report is that my worst fear of starting the season with a banner raising in Staples Center has been relieved. In the above linked article, Stephens also reports that the Kings are scheduled to open at home against Chicago, also a week from Saturday.

Presumably this also means that the Ducks - who are put out of Honda Center by a stage show through Jan 20 - will go on to face the other two Western Canadian teams before returning to Anaheim for the home opener. If so, we'll get some practice booing at our TVs before seeing the dastardly defenseman Justin Schultz in the flesh.

Stay tuned for a more in depth look at the full schedule as soon as it hits the interweb.