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Fantasy Hockey Returns

No time to waste, join one of our two fantasy leagues (or both) today!

The NHL is officially back. And you know what that means - Fantasy Hockey is back too!

Way back in September we at Anaheim Calling cordially invited the fine participants of the website to join up to two (one Rotisserie, one Head-to-Head) of our Yahoo! Sports fueled Fantasy leagues. For those who are new to the site, or simply have forgotten about it, here's a quick rundown for you.

League #1: Lubo's Driving School (LDS)

Apart from the fact that this league should now be called "Lubo's School of Not Honoring Contractual Obligations", this is the bigger of the two leagues. With nine participants (we'll get to that later), LDS offers head-to-head competition with standard Fantasy scoring.

League #2: Teemu's Happy Place (THP)

The second of the two leagues, Teemu's Happy Place is a Rotisserie league that has five participants. Standard scoring applies here as well.

We need two things from everyone who is involved (I'll email this to you later as well).

One - a fantasy draft date. Since hockey kicks off in less than a week, our team's need players. So one night this week (I'm thinking 9 PM Pacific), we'll have to schedule a draft. You can either comment in the section below, or respond to the league email that I'll be sending out later today.

Second is more participants. Those who are familiar with Head-to-Head scoring in Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey know that you need an even number of teams to officially begin your draft and subsequently your league. We currently have nine, and are looking to as many as one to three more - although, if there's overwhelming interest because everyone is so exuberant about hockey, the league team limit can be stretched to as many as 16. If you'd like to participate in the Head-to-Head league, or the Rotisserie league - or even both - please email me at

Lastly, just to clear things up: this is not a money league, and will be as competitive as you want it to be. Hopefully it will be a fun, fast season with the shortened schedule, so be prepared for a lot of roster updates, lineup setting and trade offers! Oh, and if you draft Getzlaf, I'm coming for your head.

Happy Fantasy Hockey Season!

Your League Commissioner, Million Dollar Smaby (Justin)