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Ducks Announce 2013 TV Schedule

All 48 games will be aired locally, including one nationally televised game on NBC Sports Network.

Harry How

The Ducks announced their local TV broadcast schedule Tuesday, in which all 48 regular season games will be broadcast on Prime Ticket, Fox Sports West or KDOC with one nationally televised game on NBC Sports Network.

Prime Ticket will air 28 games; FSW gets 14 and KDOC five. Presumably the six games scheduled to be simulcast on the NHL Network (US) will be blacked out in the Ducks' broadcast zone.

All games on Prime Ticket and FSW will include 30 minute "Ducks Live" Pre and Post game shows hosted by Kent French and, new addition to the Ducks' broadcast crew, Mark Rogandino.

The announcement did not specify if any of the Kings/Ducks games will be dually broadcast as the Honda Center matchups were last season. One clue that the John Ahlers and Brian Hayward may call all of the local games is that the final game of the season series, at Staples Center, will air on KDOC as opposed to last season when the Ducks broadcast team did not make the trip up the five. The other three meetings are scheduled to be on Prime Ticket. As of this writing, the Kings have not released their local TV schedule for comparison.

While many Ducks fans don't exactly love Ahlers and Hayward, it would be nice to get a respite from Patrick O'Neil's gloating that the Kings accomplished, in 45 years, what it took the Ducks 14 years to do.