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Group Therapy: Lupul, Getzlaf and Reconciling with the NHL

Lupul is hurting and it's not Anaheim's problem, Getzlaf is steamrolling, and I give in way too easily to the men in my life. On with the therapy!

Yea...that's enough hockey for me, I need a 6-8 week vacation
Yea...that's enough hockey for me, I need a 6-8 week vacation

It’s funny, but it’s not. I feel really bad for Joffrey Lupul. I honestly don’t think that guy will ever see a full 82 game season. I mean, he can’t even make it through a full 48 game season!

His fractured forearm is just another thing on his long list of crazy injuries and, despite how great of a season he ever has (had or MAY have), he’s always going to be a risk for any team that he’s on. I feel bad for him, but I don’t feel bad for Toronto, mostly because I’m just happy that it’s not Anaheim who’s being hindered by him this time around. Then again, this might be a good thing for those suckers who took him off our hands Toronto, but who knows? [Ed. Note: Listening to Leaf fans, you'd think Matt Frattin is the second coming of Mats Sundin, but dude doesn't even have a point per game in the A. -CK]

I’m going to revel in the few games that we’re going to see a bulldozer named Ryan Getzlaf. I love this time of year, when he’s fresh and healthy and plays with his entire being. It happens every season, the Ducks see a few games where he’s incredible and the fans all go ga-ga-goo-goo over what a dominating beast he is, only to be followed by an even longer stretch of head scratching and vocal chord bursting shouts directed towards him to "DO SOMETHING!"

But this time, I really hope the dominating beast in his game sticks around. I want it to, so badly. My issue is that I can NEVER fully hate the guy. He drives me BONKERS so often, but he really is like the boyfriend you just can’t and don’t want to walk away from. He’s like his own NHL lockout that comes around far too frequently. I mean, who wants to deal with that on a regular basis? Psh.

But I’m totally on the Getzlaf bandwagon yet again. I like what we’ve seen from him, albeit in two games, but still, that’s like four percent of this season! He’s greatly improved thus far in the circle, he’s been SHOOTING the puck, and skating like he’s actually trying to win a few foot races.

It was mentioned in the comments recently that "when Getzlaf goes, so go the Ducks." I’ve always felt this was the case. A loooooooo-oooooooo-oooooong time ago I wrote a post comparing the first 25 (or so) games of the season to Getzlaf’s production. At the time, every game the Ducks lost, Getzlaf was held off the scoresheet. If my memory serves me correctly (I don’t have access to that long lost post…and I don’t want to talk about it), the Ducks/Getzlaf correlation held true for all but one game. That says something…a lot of somethings! This might just be that season where we look back and say…"when Getzlaf goes, so go the Ducks". So…Go Getzlaf, GO!

The NHL is back, and even though I ended our relationship about a month ago, after yet another humiliating bout that made headlines in the media (well, the media in Canada and the five second side note on Sports Center), I’ll be screaming at Honda Center tonight. I know, I’m weak. I can’t help it.

I found myself yelling, screaming, and clapping my hands together so furiously on Monday night when Daniel Winnik scored the Ducks 4th goal in the third, and I realized how much I’ve missed my NHL boyfriend. I wanted to go on and act like the breakup was for good (or until October), but it lured me back in. And, I’m a sucker. A sucker for a sport with talented athletes playing in a game that requires genuine skill. The puck dropped - and so did my pants heart.