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Ducks Stat-urday: 24%

The Ducks have 12 goals and 14 PIM through two games. Are we sure this is real life?

I'm sorry I took you for granted in the season preview, Daniel. I didn't mean it.
I'm sorry I took you for granted in the season preview, Daniel. I didn't mean it.
Mike Ridewood

Author’s note – Since I went to the home opener, all Ducks stats cover the first two games of the season

What’s more impressive than the Ducks putting up 12 goals in the first two games of the season (which obliterates their previous two-game best of 7 goals in 2006-2007)? An absurd, unsustainable, but thoroughly enjoyable team shooting percentage of 24 percent.


In other words, in the Ducks scored on one out of every four shots in the first two games of the season. While this is obviously a miniscule sample size, it’s even more impressive when you consider that Anaheim scored on 8.77% of shots last season. I have zero illusions that this is sustainable over the course of an entire season, and while I suspect that our outburst is lockout related, the stats don’t necessarily bear that out.

Last year, the median goals for per game (this is on an individual team basis) was 2.61. Through Jan. 23, it’s 2.50. Whatever the reason, there is some hope that the Ducks will shoot better than the 8.77% they recorded last year. Players like Cam Fowler and Ryan Getzlaf saw steep declines in their shot percentages last season, and one hopes that this season will see them closer to their career norms.

While we bask in the glow of our offensive prowess, [Ed. Note: Speak for yourself, Robby of the past. -CK] here are a few other fun tidbits to kick around.

  • If you think the Ducks’ shooting percentage of 24% is ridiculous, Daniel Winnik’s 66.67% is just off the charts. Dude has scored four goals on six shots. Last season saw Winnik post his best shooting percentage ever (10.3%), so maybe there’s some hope that he is in fact blossoming into a scorer.
  • Want another gaudy offensive statistic? Our PP is currently clicking at 60%. The crazy thing is that this isn’t even the best in the league. The St. Louis Blues currently own the best PP% in the NHL at 66.7%. Still, second overall in PP% is not a bad way to start the season.
  • The Ducks already have two, five-plus goal games this season. They had seven last season. If we extrapolate last year’s pace to this year’s 48-game season, that means the Ducks should score five or more goals in four games. So either we’re burning through our awesome offensive performances, or we really are going to be a more offensively potent team.
  • Just how good has the third line of Winnik, Saku Koivu, and Andrew Cogliano been? They are a combined plus-15. The next best line is Twin Palms (yeah, I just made that up) at plus-4. Our fourth line brings up the rear at a combined minus-3. Not too shabby.