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MonkeySports & GoalieMonkey Discounts For AC Readers - EXPIRES 1/31/13

Who doesn't like discounts?! MonkeySports and GoalieMonkey are giving Anaheim Calling readers in-store discounts, good until Thursday, Jan. 31 only .

MonkeySports, Inc.

We received very cool discount offers from the good folks at MonkeySports for all the Anaheim Calling readers in celebration of their new Superstore opened in Irvine and the remodel of the Santa Ana store to a one-stop-shop for all goalie equipment, aptly named Goalie Monkey.


Here's the deal: you need to take the coupon(s) below to their respective stores by Thursday, Jan. 31. No soup for you if you: 1) take this coupon to the wrong store and/or 2) try to redeem the offer after Thursday, Jan. 31. Absolutely no exceptions. They were nice enough to give us discounts; don't be a dick if you don't follow the rules. (Speaking from years of working in retail here.)



In honor of their new 27,000 sq. ft. MonkeySports Superstore now open in Irvine, you can take the coupon below to the store for 15 percent off your purchase. It can only be used at the Irvine location. They don't just sell hockey equipment; they also have stuff for lacrosse, baseball and softball.

At this location, you can go in the 'slap-shot room' to test your new sticks, in addition to batting cages to test your new bats.



For those of you who want anything and everything related to goaltending equipment, the GoalieMonkey Store in Santa Ana is for you. This store formerly carried all hockey equipment before it was specialized.

Ryan Getzlaf and Bobby Ryan have done autograph meet-and-greets at the location. Jonas Hiller was a regular here during the lockout. He even sharpened his own skates in the 15,000 sq. ft. store.


Goalie equipment is not cheap. Use the 15 percent off coupon below at the GoalieMonkey store in Santa Ana. Don't take this to Monkeysports Irvine because everyone will laugh at you. It can only be used AT GoalieMonkey until Thursday, Jan. 31.



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