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Ducks Should Cut Losses And Trade Corey Perry Before Deadline, He Doesn't Like Us Anyway

It's time to thank Corey Perry for his time in Anaheim and send him on his way. Don't kid yourself, he's not going to be in a Ducks sweater next season. Let's see what we can get for him now.

Kevin C. Cox

Rip the band-aid off folks - Corey Perry is done with the Anaheim Ducks. It's time to let him go.

As Robby pointed out in his Faceoff Fest recap, Perry left before the event ended, leaving fans who have waited hours to see him, in the lurch. I do agree with his assessment of pictures with Perry are moments of uncomfortable silence, to say the least. I used to chalk it up to his aloof personality and being socially awkward. And I do still believe that about but only about pre-Hart Trophy Perry. Now, he's just kind of a dick and not just on the ice.

Here's the part that bugs me so much, he seems ungrateful. Ungrateful to the organization that drafted him when the scouts said he was a risky pick. Ungrateful to the team he won a Stanley Cup with. Ungrateful he's been a part of one of the best scoring tandems since Paul Kariya and Teemu Selanne. Ungrateful for fans (and the organization) who went berserk cheering for him on to the Hart Trophy and Rocket Richard.

The other part that bugs me: he owes us nothing.

Basically, we're getting 'Schultz'ed' again; this time by our best player. Well, what used to be our best player. This season, Perry has been less than stellar. (Hello! Leading goal scorer is Daniel Winnik.) Some are chalking it up to a slow start, to me, he doesn't give a shit anymore because he knows what's coming to him on July 1. Think about it: he could score negative goals and punch Teemu Selanne in the junk and will still earn a high dollar, max contract from some team with a lot of cash.

For those of you who still believe that's Anaheim, you're kidding yourself. I do believe the Ducks are going to make every offer they can to keep him, but realistically, if he wanted a Parise/Crosby style deal with the Ducks, he would have signed - or made it clear he wanted to negotiate one - before the lockout.

The Hart Trophy was the worst thing to happen to the Anaheim Ducks. It pains me to say that this but Perry leaving isn't Bob Murray's fault. It's the monster we created. Sure, it was awesome at the time to celebrate our MVP; however, giving Perry the Hart makes him more valuable, despite what he did last season or what he's doing now.

We're starting to lose the final generation of NHL players loyal to an organization (i.e. Teemu Selanne, Shane Doan). Now it's all about money. Look at Shea Weber. He was going to bounce Nashville for Philly until the Preds ponied up the cash. Regardless of UFA versus RFA, it's just not happening here with Pears.

Ryan Getzlaf has voiced his desire to negotiate a new deal with the Ducks. Perry has been silent. I think those two's relationship has changed. The twins have grown apart. Getzy is married with two kids. Perry is still a bachelor living in Newport Beach. Getz stayed here during the lockout. Perry hopped the first plane back to London, Ontario.

I noticed during training camp, Getzlaf hung around Teemu almost the entire time. Where usually he and Perry are talking non-stop, next to each other in drills, running each other into the glass, etc. Not this time. Perry skated by himself, didn't talk to anyone. Teemu was leading stretching and Perry just got up and left the group to shoot pucks. The stretching ending a couple minutes later. This is probably just me or did anyone else see when he was getting 'the business' from Vancouver in Anaheim, no one rushed to step in to protect the star?

It's time to cut our losses. Perry must be traded before the deadline. I don't want to see us get LeBron'ed like Cleveland. Perry is a hot commodity and any team needing offense to push them to the playoffs (likely in the Eastern Conference) will come calling; just like they did with Bobby Ryan. And Murray should milk that team for all it's worth: first round pick, top prospect(s), a highly valued 2 C with a non-expiring contract. (How funny would it be if we traded him for Justin Schultz. Just sayin'.)

Thank you, Corey Perry for all that you've done for the Ducks. It's going to be really difficult to 'boo' you next season.