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It's Over. Welcome back to your happy place

Wake up little ones, the nightmare is over. Hockey is BACK!

Jeff Gross

What a way to wake up this morning! The NHL lockout is officially over. The two sides were bargaining late into the wee hours of this morning. After 16 hours of debate, we have a new CBA.

To give the briefest overview, it's a 10 year deal (woot!) with a mutual opt-out option after eight years. The new maximum contract length is seven years, eight years if you sign a player you drafted (Corey Perry, Ryan Getzlaf cough cough). For the next full season, the salary cap is set at $64.3M.

Get ready for the quickest start to a season even. The target is to drop the puck on Jan. 18. Eric Stephens tweeted earlier the Ducks are probably going to start on the road because Honda Center is booked opening weekend.

We are scrambling to get everything together for you guys in time for camp. (Totally my fault for us not being ready. I wasn't going to let them break my heart again.) Stick with us. We're so excited to get back to writing non-filler content!