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Stay Connected With Anaheim Calling!

What's that? You want to stay better connected to Anaheim Calling? So glad to hear it!

Doug Pensinger

Now that hockey is back in business, we felt it was high time to get Anaheim Calling into some big business. So we’ve spread our social media wings and amped up our thrusters to bring you even more access to your favorite (I hope) place to talk all that is Ducks hockey.

So, when you’re looking for a place to complain about Ryan Getzlaf’s lack of shooting, beg for Teemu Selanne to return for one more season, or talk about how much you just want to squeeze the crap out of Coach Bruce Boudreau’s cheeks, well – you’ve found the place!

Here are some awesome options to keep you connected!

Twitter: The best place to get instant links on all the newest posts here at Anaheim Calling. It’s also a great way to get in a short snarky remark that may even be re-tweeted to the rest of our following! Awesome, I know. Follow Anaheim Calling on Twitter.

Want to stalk your favorite writer? Here's our individual Twitter accounts: Jen, Chris, SK, Kristen, Robby, Justin and Shawn. Don't forget our contributors: Jer, Scott and Dan. And our moderators: Travis and Eric.

On the web: If Twitter’s 140 character limit is just too constricting to your wide views on hockey politics, check out the Facebook Fan page! It’s a great place to post some fan photos and more importantly get new posts implemented into your daily stream. And, if you’re one of the few people who have gotten into Google+ and appreciate their Facebook knockoff, we’ve got a fan page there as well!

Pinterest: Like what you see here at Anaheim Calling? Pin it, baby! Want some awesome photos taken by the staff here at Anaheim Calling? Or that super great inspirational quote that Selanne spit off after winning the game in the final seconds (we hope)? Head to Pinterest!

Hope to see you around the web, ya’ll!