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Former Ducks GM Brian Burke Fired By Toronto

Turn OFF the trade pipeline to Toronto. Brian Burke has been fired by the Leafs.

Jim McIsaac

I have said many times on here I am a HUGE fan of Brian Burke. What did for our team during the Cup year will never be forgotten. I've always loved his lack of filter and taking no BS attitude. You can imagine my shock when I read he was fired Wednesday by the Toronto Maple Leafs.

I'll be honest, my first thought was, "Maybe he'll come back". Then reality set in.

I think back to the team he left when he handed the reigns over to Bizzaro Brian Burke (Bob Murray). Burke convinced Scott Niedermayer and Teemu Selanne to not retire He drafted Bobby Ryan and was able to 'deal' with BR's emotional outbursts in a rational way. That's some of the good.

Now some of the bad. He signed locker room cancer Todd Bertuzzi and the elderly Matthieu Schnieder. Burke traded (my favorite player) Andy McDonald to the St. Louis Blues for a bag of bones called Doug Weight, a random player and a very late round draft pick.

Burke isn't completely cutting ties with the Leafs. He's staying on as a 'special advisor to the board'. Pretty sure it's the board who just fired him. I doubt he'll remain there long. There are plenty of bottom dwelling franchises that will gladly take his services. And whomever that team is will instantly become our favorite trading partner.

Replacing Burke is Dave Nonis. Nonis was a part of the Burke regime in Anaheim and left for Toronto along with Burke. Assuming Nonis is a Burke disciple, Randy Carlyle will still have a job come training camp.

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