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Serious and Silly AC Staff Predictions

The season is upon us, and each of our staff members has given a serious and a wacky prediction for the year. You guess which is which (some are more difficult than others).

Kirk Irwin

Shawn (Admirals):

  • I think with the young talent and a loss of some key players the Ads can still finish better than last season and take 7th or 8th in the conference.
  • The last time we had this many rookies the Admirals went 43-3 in their last 46 games, so I will be looking for a 29 game win streak and 44-2 in the last 46!

Carolyn (Admirals):

  • One of the goalies will be used for trade bait, by the dealine, to acquire more defense.
  • Cramarossa puts up 30pts this season.

Kim (Admirals):

  • Admirals will have a top 5 scorer in the league.
  • My cell phone battery will die every Ads home game from Live tweeting too much (and playing WWF during intermission)


  • The Ducks will drive fans crazy this year;the team will score in bunches and defend only marginally well barring player maturity, enough to contend for the third slot in the Pacific or a "wild card" spot in the West.
  • I predict I will want Cam Fowler traded by the end of October.


  • Etem and Palms split 40-45 goals forcing Silfverberg to the third line, and forcing fans to once again ask why we traded Bobby Ryan for anything but serious blue line help.
  • Souray will lose an edge in his first practice back from the wrist injury; Ducks don't notice as Beauchemin has transformed someone else into the "Ducks' top pair".


  • Mark Fistric becomes the reliable, defensive defenseman that we expected Bryan Allen to be.
  • Peter Holland sees the writing on the wall, and emerges as a reliable 2C.


  • The Ducks end up with the third best record in the Pacific - and in California - because the brilliance of Hiller, Getzlaf, Perry, and the fourth line of Perreault, Etem, and Palmieri is able to counterbalance the consistently awful play of half of the blue line and the failure of the Dustin Penner experiment.
  • Penner, Silfverberg, Palmieri, Etem, and Beleskey help the Ducks smash the NHL record for the largest number of different line combinations used in one season, and Selanne begins the last game of the regular season with 699 goals.


  • The Ducks playoff chances ultimately hinge on their special teams: if their power-play can stay top-8 and PK in top half then they'll make the dance in spring, much to the anger of the Vancouver Canucks.
  • "#WhatDoesTheFoxSay" starts trending every time Jim Fox opens his mouth during the Freeway Faceoff, often followed by sayings so whiny Drew Doughty would say "Man up."


  • The Ducks finish 1-3 in the new Pacific Division depending on the quality of the defense and increased depth scoring.
  • Teemu Selanne goes reverse Brent Burns and is paired with Beauchemin scoring 25+ goals, and he decides to sign a contract extension to start his "new" career as an NHL defenseman.


  • Perry and Getzlaf will finish the first year of their respective mega-contracts near point per game pace, but Penner will be a healthy scratch by Christmas.
  • Scott Niedermayer announces at his Hall of Fame induction that he's coming back to the Ducks; Bob Murray wins GM of the Year for "solving" the Ducks' defense problems.


  • Defense will be Achilles Heel. Bob Murray deals Hiller at the deadline for a big time rental on defense. Team loses in conference final.
  • While mixing up the lines during a game, Bruce over-mixes and puts Peter Holland on defense. It works and Holland wins the Norris Trophy. Bruce wins Jack Adams and Ducks win the cup.