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Takeaways: PPG Doing Just Fine, Thank You Very Much

As of this writing, the Ducks' seven game win streak is five games longer than the next-longest active streak in the league. They grabbed every point possible on their first homestand of the season, and things look good as they prepare for a gargantuan road trip.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

1. Frederik Andersen is for real. Yeah, yeah, he's played two (awesome) periods of NHL hockey, I know. But he's also played a whole lotta non-NHL hockey before that, and looked good doing it. Hopefully Viktor Fasth makes a speedy recovery so we don't have to find out just how good Andersen is. But say Fasth is out for a little while longer, long enough for Andersen to get a little bit more experience with the big boys. And maybe, just maybe, he looks like he could step right into a backup role for this team come trade deadline time. And maybe, just maybe, someone else is looking for a goalie, and they're willing to pay up. I love the Hiller-Fasth tandem. But think Options, ladies and gentlemen. That's all I'm saying. Options.

2. Either Dustin Penner got in shape, or he doesn't need to. I'll admit I didn't expect much from the big man this season. I thought for sure Palmieri or Etem would take his spot on the top line (and if Ryan Garbutt has his way, that may well still be the case for near future), but Penner has proven himself worthy of his linemates thus far. He's keeping up in transition, getting in the way of the opponents' defense deep in their zone, and finding his way to the blue paint with regularity. Here's to a quick return for Penner, a lengthy suspension for Garbutt, and goals goals goals for the PPG line.

3. The power play does not suffer from the curse of an ancient witch doctor who hated ducks. Nor is it a bad joke put forth by the coaching staff. It is — it was — simply unlucky. In most of the games of this young season, the extra man unit actually looked decent, it just virtually never converted. All it needed was time. Time, and a Dallas Stars PK unit. And now we can breathe again.

4. Hampus Lindholm makes mistakes just like you and I do. To be clear, I am not the least bit disappointed in his play. The fact that a nineteen year old defenseman is this good six games into his NHL career is nothing short of astounding. He's just, you know, blown a pass here, lost his check there. Not very often — maybe even less often than anyone else on the blue line not named Cam Fowler — but it's happened. At this point I'm trying to figure out why I'm even writing this down. Perhaps I'm just trying to cushion the blow that will come in the form of his demotion to Norfolk within the next week or so? Speaking of which, ten games is coming up soon. Friday's game in Ottawa will be his ninth, assuming he isn't scratched beforehand. I hope you know what you're doing, Bob Murray.

5. The Ducks don't have to dominate to win. For most of this young season, they have been much better than their opponent, but particularly against Calgary and Phoenix, they weren't. The Calgary game was downright ugly, and they still wrangled two points out of it. That shouldn't happen to a team that gets outshot 17 to 4 in the third period, but it did. If anything, that type of game reminds me of many of the games these guys were winning last season. Thankfully, they're not winning nearly as many like that anymore, but they are winning a few, and that's not such a bad thing.

6. Mike Smith has more goals than Anze Kopitar. Sounds about right.