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Norfolk Plays Complete Game To Earn Win & Shutout vs Adirondack

Admirals bond on bus ride to Adirondack and show up to play 60 mins of hockey to win 3-0 vs Phantoms.


Final Score: Admirals 3, Adirondack 0

First Period Recap: Nine hours on a bus does a lot for a team. It either makes you hate each other or love each other. The first period tonight showed the Admirals are starting to love each other.

Peter Holland got things started off quickly... and kind of easily for the the Admirals tonight. Holland won a face off, pushed the puck forward towards the goal, went around a Phantoms player and netted his first of the night at the 3:19 mark. Because it is impossible for a player to get a goal and an assist on the same goal, the goal goes down as unassisted for Holland.

After taking a 1-0 lead, Zack Stortini decided to be Stortini... he got into a fight. My feed cut out right before the fight, so strictly going by others tweets & box sheet... it looks like the fight was just because two of the highest penalized guys were on the ice at the same time. Stortini won the bout vs Zack Fitzgerald, apparently giving him a bloody nose. The Zacks, being the experienced fighters they are, both elected to take their helmets off for the matching extra minors.

The Admirals closed out the first by killing a penalty and being unable to score on the Power Play. Norfolk was out shot 12-10

Second Period Recap: Continuing the bonding, the Admirals looked like they just decided, "Hey, yeah, we can play, and we can play really well." Maxime (Rico) Suave, playing in his second game of the season, went to the net and as the ole saying goes: "good things happen when you go to net". Suave picks up a rebound to put the Admirals up 2-0 at the 3:20 of the second, Holland and Garnet Exelby picked up the assists.

Holland was given the golden gloves tonight... everything he touched was turning into points. With a simple slap shot from center ice, Holland netted his second unassisted goal of the night to put the Admirals up 3-0 at the 8:36 mark.

After the third goal, a few Power Plays go by for each team with no one able to score on the man advantages. Norfolk out shoots Adirondack 14-12

Third Period Recap: The third was all about the defensive pairs bonding with each other and with their goalie.

It started out with Exelby then moments later, Alex Grant each getting 5 for fighting Phantom players. (No helmets lost in these- I don't know why I feel to note this, I just do).

After the smoke cleared from the all the aggression, Norfolk's D settled down to take care of the last part of business... Fans listening to the Admirals play by play, Pete Michaud, cringed as he briefly mentioned the S-word. A flurry of shots was no challenge for John Gibson as he was on his A game once again and stopped them all for his first shut out of the season, second win of the season- first in regulation.

Norfolk was out shot 14-3 (I am okay with the 3 shots as they needed to focus on not letting in goals more than making goals).


The Good: So. Much. Good. 60 mins of complete hockey. 5 on 5 goals. Shut Out. No stupid/reckless penalties. Double digit shots. Etc Etc Etc.

The Bad & The Ugly: Usually I would be very critical & find something to post here, but I am going to give the Admirals a break tonight. Not going to name a Bad or Ugly. It was a very good game. Hopefully they will rinse & repeat tomorrow. [Ed. Note: I'll take this one w/o having seen the game. Three shots on goal in a period isn't ideal regardless of the score. -CK]


Most Valuable Ducklings

3rd MVD: Maxime Suave aka The French Guy. Max playing in his second game of the season notched his first goal of the season and was on ice for the both of the other goals.

1A & 1B MVD: Peter Holland & John Gibson tie for first star. Holland had the Golden Hands tonight with two unassisted goals & an assist on the 2nd Norfolk Goal. Gibson being Gibson pitched the 38 shot shutout.

Next Game: Saturday, October 26th, vs Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins, 7:05PM EDT