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SK says Thank You

A huge thank you to the classiest people of all, hockey fans.

Different SKeleven saying thank you to different people.
Different SKeleven saying thank you to different people.
Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been one month since my best friend, Mini and I, were in a pretty devastating car accident. It was definitely life changing - not just physically but emotionally as well. To say that I’m closer to friends and family is an understatement. It’s a shame that it takes an event like this to really appreciate what you have, but that’s exactly what has happened.

Since our accident we have been showered with love and support from friends and family...and a huge out pouring from the hockey world.

This season we downgraded from full season seats to a weekend mini plan. What with new jobs and work schedules and a desire to spend less money, it seemed like a good way to enjoy hockey both at home and at the Honda Center. Plus it allowed us to throw gobs of cash for the outdoor game at Dodger Stadium (so much for saving), but I digress.

The Ducks have been wonderful in helping to accommodate us and my need to use a wheelchair while I recover from my injuries. Talk about a classy organization. And that’s just the beginning.

This hockey family that I’ve been able to associate myself with is quite frankly amazing. When I got into blogging about hockey a few years back, it was simply because I had very few outlets to spew my long winded rants on the goal tending situation, or which player needed to step up or wether or not Chris Pronger should have been suspended for whatever elbow he may or may not have thrown.

I eventually began to meet other Ducks fans and found an even bigger outlet on Twitter. Since then I’ve been lucky to meet a lot of great fans through blogging, commenting on sites like Battle of California and here at Anaheim Calling, Twitter and Facebook. I tell my non hockey loving family and friends that they’re idiots and should avoid my Twitter and Facebook pages if they don’t want to be subjected to my love of hockey.

This past month I’ve been reminded of why hockey is such a fabulous sport. The amazingly kind words and support that I’ve received in "get well" messages has been incredible. I have to thank Jen for kind words and her willingness to help get me back on my feet. She's pretty much the most awesome person ever. But most importantly I want to thank all of my hockey friends for being so incredible, kind, caring and such a wonderful extension of my family.

So, for an update - I’m doing pretty well. I still can’t walk (toe touch only with my right leg), but I’m quite mobile with the combination of crutches (which I’ve almost ate shit while using three times now), my walker (named Texas Ranger) and my wheelchair. I’m sporting a boot that I can take off to get into the shower (holy crap, hot running water is, like, amazing), and if it was the playoffs I’d have the most impressive playoff beard on my legs. Too much information? Nah.

The swelling on my leg has gone down greatly, and I’m very rarely reminded that I’ve got a leg of steel (which sometimes I think is just badass, and then I think, not). Emotionally, getting into a car is still challenging. I’ve never been more aware of my surroundings as when I find myself in that passenger seat. I do my best not to let my brain put the event on repeat, and I try even harder to never play the "what if" game. Most importantly, I do whatever I can to look at all the positives - and believe me, I’ve found a lot.

I really just wanted to say thank you - to all of you. The smiles and laughter you have provided has been the most incredible medicine. My heart has been consumed by a massive amount of love and kindness from all of you and I’m beyond grateful. Three cheers to the greatest bunch of people I know - hockey fans!