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Leave A 'Get Well Soon' Message For SK & Help With Medical Bills

Send your well wishes (and maybe some dolla billz y'all) to our beloved SK as she recovers from a serious car accident.

So what part of the leg did she break, coach?
So what part of the leg did she break, coach?
Marianne Helm

I love SK. I cannot imagine where Anaheim Calling would be if I hadn't convinced her to come write for us a while ago. She had already established herself as a hockey blogger on her own site Ducks and Pucks and she didn't need to come help me try to grow AC. But she did and I am forever grateful.

If you haven't had the opportunity to meet SK in person, you're missing out. Her energy, humor and enthusiasm for almost anything is infectious. I've been lucky enough to go from colleague to friend with her.

A week ago Sunday, SK and her buddy Krystal (mentioned on this blog as Mini) were in a serious car accident. With the green left arrow, the girls were turning left to get on the freeway. A guy going straight hit the car with SK in the passenger-seat, taking a majority of the impact.

Thank God both girls were survived, as did the guy driving the other car. Mini had some bumps and bruises but SK wasn't as lucky. She broke her leg in four different places and now has a rod permanently implanted in her leg.

Leave it to SK to make a joke out of it. She said she was happy to be hospitalized during the Ducks ass-whooping at the hands of Colorado. We also joked it would have been much cooler if she were beat up by Patrick Roy.

She's out of the hospital now and being nursed back to health by Mini. Insurance payments cover only so much and being out of work doesn't help the situation. If you'd like to go beyond a get well message, we've set up a fundraiser in her honor. Know this is entirely my idea. She had nothing to do with the fundraiser, nor did I tell her about it. She's finding out about it right as she reads this post...