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Anaheim Calling: The Podcast Episode Four

Wrapping up the six game road trip with three straight wins in tough buildings against tough opponents, Chris and Kristen talk about the mental makeup of the Ducks, secondary scoring, shootout mastery and much, much more!

Earl Sleek


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On this week's show:

-The mental attitude of the Ducks going into big games

-What happens when the Ducks decides to sit back and let an NHL team have all the chances they want.

-Secondary scoring!

-Defense pairings and the improving Bryan Allen

-Anaheim Ducks: Shootout Masters

-How terrible are those special teams?

-Trap ahead, looking forward to the Columbus Blue Jackets

... and as always, our MVDs and Iceholes of the week.

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Also HUGE hockey hugs and stick taps to The Zambonis (the World's only 100% Hockey Rock band) for all of our amazing musical cues and Earl Sleek for the ridiculously awesome logo above.