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Ducks Act Fasth: Goalie Signed To Two Year Extension After Nine Games

The Ducks lock up their backup (?) goalie for another two years.

Victor Decolongon

File this under least shocking news ever: the Ducks have signed goaltending wunderkind Viktor Fasth to a two-year contract extension. Lisa Dillman at the LA Times lays out the cash as follows:

As a 30 year old rookie - 30 IS NOT OLD - Fasth has played a massive part in the Ducks success this season. He has started in eight games and has won all eight. He's actually played in nine games; however, one against Dallas was in relief of Jonas Hiller, who injured his 'lower body'. The Ducks lost the game but Hiller was credited with the losing decision.

Fasth has an 8-0-0 record overall with a 1.78 GAA and a .933 SV%. He comes from the Swedish Elite League, like some guy named Henrik Lundqvist.

Now a couple questions...

1) Don't get pissed off, it's starting right now - what's Jonas Hiller's future with the team? He's set to receive a cap hit of $4.5M this season and next before becoming a UFA.

2) Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry not priority No. 1? Just sayin.