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Brian Burke Hired As Ducks Part-Time GM ... er ... Professional Scout

The Ducks bring back a really, really familiar face to be a pro-scout.

Jim McIsaac

In a season where the unexpected keeps happening, the Anaheim Ducks have shot another knuckle-puck at us. The team announced today former Ducks General Manager Brian Burke has been brought on as part of the scouting department. He'll scout the pros on a part-time basis.

As I seem to have to point out all the time now, here comes some big fat speculation.

Can someone please explain how this is not awkward for Bob Murray? I know I'd be worried at my job if my boss brought in the person who had my job before me, who was really good at their job but gave them some temp-like position.

When Burke was first fired by the Toronto Maple Leafs, I honestly could not see any way he's brought back to the Ducks. Maybe because the team is successful at the moment, Murray felt comfortable enough to bring back his Cup-winning predecessor? Maybe it's just a favor? I mean, Burke did help propel Murray's career.

The only think I know for sure: after spending years in the crappy winter weather of Toronto, if I were Burke, I'd want to get my ass back to So Cal, too.

Update: Didn't even think about this angle until I saw the following tweet from Greg Wyshynski:

Dare I say 'GENIUS'?