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Group Therapy: Is that you, Brian Burke?

The Ducks may be on the sidelines this week, but they sure know how to make a splash in the (hockey) news!

"Burke is back?!"...yea, we were floored, too.
"Burke is back?!"...yea, we were floored, too.
Jeff Gross

Straight to it!

Brian Burke:

He's back with the organization. I'll just say this, when he was fired in Toronto, I just knew it was only a matter of time before he was back in some regard with the Ducks' organization. For now, he's a pro-scout, or, who knows, a throbbing reminder of what is waiting in the wings for some. He might be the ear or the hard nosed bad-ass that Bob Murray needs to acquire some talent, or he might be the guy that scares the shit out of Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf and sends them both packing. Either way, he's brought his end of the Toronto pipeline back to Anaheim, hopefully closing that passage for good. The questions that remain are what in the hell does that mean for the Ducks moving forward because we all know damn well he won't just sit back in the shadows.

Lockout, part 45?

Is this the LONGEST break in the history of hockey breaks or what? Talk about a pure momentum killer! Then again, this might be the best break ever. It will allows those bumps and bruises to heal a little, Cam Fowler to return to the ice slowly but surely, and allows the power play some practice (word)! Either way, my body is going through serious withdrawals. But hey, at least I can go on a pure binge by ingesting 5 games in just 7 days! Thanks, NHL, you're swell!

Viktor Fasth!

The Ducks added the goalie to their roster for 2 more seasons and it immediately received a lot of heat from the media and fans alike. Questions on whether or not this will spark a trade has plenty of Ducks fans worried regarding the fate of Jonas Hiller in the off season. More importantly, after less than 10 games in the NHL, the real question is whether or not this was too soon? Rest assured, this season the dude is pretty cheap and playing well thus far (knock on wood). The only hope is that the Ducks got in early on something that is going to continue to mature. In other's hoping that by this time next season we're all saying, "Hot damn, that was a great idea!"

In other news...

San Jose, we did you a favor and gave you your first loss in regulation. Now, if you please, would you do the entire NHL a favor and pay that same gratitude forward to the Blackhawks? Do your best to be useful for a change, thank you.