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Recap - Predators at Ducks: You Get Some Wings, You Get Some Wings, Everybody Gets Some Wings!

In a thrilling return to form at Honda Center, the Ducks made it rain goals on the Nashville Predators.

Shall we dance?
Shall we dance?
Stephen Dunn

Final Score: Ducks 5, Predators 1

First Period Recap: Things started somewhat promisingly for Nashville. Martin Erat feeds the puck in Mike Fisher's direction, but Fisher is unable to capitalize on anything. Whatever Nashville had going is momentarily erased by Emerson Etem, who strips the puck from Pekka Rinne and feeds it to Nick Bonino, who scores a too-easy goal. Kyle Palmieri scored about a minute later, the result of a Corey Perry feed (Ryan Getzlaf, of course, is responsible for the secondary assist). Viktor Fasth has a few quick glove saves, one on a Mike Fisher backhand.

Emerson Etem is all over this game, setting up Patrick Maroon for an almost-goal and almost scoring another for himself. Corey Perry releases a howitzer, but Rinne says no. With less that four minutes left in the period, Palmieri strikes again. Getzlaf wins a draw, and feeds the puck to Perry, who gives it to Palmieri. Palmieri one-times it, and the Ducks are up 3-0. Daniel Winnik tries to make it 4-0, but Rinne says no again. To top it all off, the Ducks end the period with 1:25 of power play time remaing after Nashville incurred a too many men on the ice penalty.

Second Period Recap:The Ducks capitalize on the power play almost immediately, with another Kyle Palmieri goal. I could tell you which players were responsible for the goal's primary and secondary assists, but that would be redundant. This is Palmieri's first career hat trick. Halfway through the period, the Ducks open the door slightly for Nashville. Clubs gets the puck in the corner, he gets it to Klein, and Klein gets it to Craig Smith, who one-times it.

Ryan Getzlaf is called for hooking, which is followed by a big Ducks kill. Nashville appears to have settled down slightly, and they stand tall against a number of Ducks chances. But right at the end of the period - and on the power play - a Francois Beauchemin shot is tipped off both Bobby Ryan and Pekka Rinne. Saku Koivu turns the rebound into a goal as the game enters rout territory, 5-1. AND EVERYONE GETS WINGS!

Third Period Recap:Chris Mason is in net for Nashville at the top of the period, which means they've already conceded the game. Bryan Allen starts the period with a cross-checking penalty. His play has improved considerably since the beginning of the season, but this penalty isn't good. Teemu Selanne and Bobby Ryan put a couple of shots on goal, but Mason stands tall.

Matt Beleskey is called for goalie interference after running into Mason, and at the other end of the ice, Cam Fowler and Bourque have some contact around Fasth's net. Emerson Etem comes painfully close to his first NHL goal, but is unable to capitalize on a Getzlaf feed. Beleskey and Hannah get into a bit of a scrum at the very end, and Selanne and Palmieri share a tender moment on the bench. All in all, a good day at the office.


The Good:The Getzlaf line, the Bonino line, the power play. Squee.

The Bad:The Nashville goal. When you are in the middle of what will eventually be a rout, do not give your opposition an opportunity to come back.

The Ugly:You're asking the wrong team...


3rd MVD:Ryan Getzlaf. Getzlaf was the engine behind the play that resulted in almost every goal scored tonight (and several near-misses). Honorable mention to Nick Bonino and Emerson Etem. (Also, it may seem like a cop-out to have every MVD on the same line, but some nights, it has to be done).

2nd MVD: Corey Perry. We're used to Perry scoring goals, not setting them up. But tonight, he was the crucial cog in the machine between Getzlaf and Palmieri.

1st MVD: Kyle Palmieri. The cynical among us might argue that Getzlaf and Perry were spoon-feeding him the puck all night, but I'd call it chemistry as well. And there's no denying that tonight was a career night for him. It's Kyle's world. We're just living in it.

Next Game vs. Minnesota Wild, Friday, Mar. 1, 7:00pm at Honda Center.