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Your Friendly Thursday Links Roundup: The Are The Ducks for Real? Edition

Or is it just a fantasy?

Stephen Dunn

There seems to be a growing narrative - supported by stats - that the Ducks are not as good as advertised. I don't think we're winning the Cup this year, but I'd like for us to avoid any major embarrassment. Is that too much to ask?


  • Are the Ducks for real? (The answer is not good). []
  • PDO numbers by NHL team, the Ducks included. []
  • The Fort Wayne Komets' leaders are looking to find answers. []
  • Viktor Fasth has been profiled by Fox Sports. [FOX Sports]
  • Rickard Rakell has been named OHL Player of the Week. [Anaheim Ducks]
  • UPDATE: Pierre Lebrun and Scott Burnside discuss/debate the Perry/Getzlaf contract situation. (Be sure to watch the video on the top of the page as well as reading the article) []