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Group Therapy: It Should Have Been Less

I wonder what new division Corey Perry will be playing in next season...

Hey, you wanna get hurt and take some time off with me?
Hey, you wanna get hurt and take some time off with me?
Stephen Dunn


I haven’t really put my two cents in on this topic just yet, so I figured I’d go ahead and get it off my chest here.

I think four games is too many. To clarify, I’m not at all surprised he was suspended, but I don’t think it warranted four games. It was a late hit and, unfortunately, a player was hurt. I do think the penalties he received on the play should have more than accounted for the proper "punishment".

I will say that if the roles were reversed I would have wanted to see a suspension as well. There was an injury, although that apparently doesn’t apply to EVERYONE in the NHL, but it seems as though part of the justification came from his HISTORY. Um, no. What happened to that crazy 18 month rule? That doesn’t apply to others, but it does to Corey Perry?

Like I said, I agree with a suspension in this case, but I don’t agree with Perry’s history coming into play and I do not agree with four games. Sure, there are plenty of players who are never suspended during their NHL careers, and yet there are some who are suspended more often and for FAR worse.

For the record, I don’t think that Perry is a dirty player. I think he’s a hard-working and physical athlete who doesn’t deserve the title which so many have given him. Perry is a fire driven and passionate player who plays with determination and an intense willpower that I’m sure many are envious of. He is, however, not one who is outside of the "law" of the game. An illegal hit is an illegal hit – I can’t argue that. This hit was late and it caused a player to get injured. Two games.


The Ducks are hurting throughout their line-up - and, unlike earlier in this season, the players who are currently nursing injuries don’t have the luxury of a week long layoff to recover or allow those bumps and bruises to heal. The Ducks are in the midst of a crazy "every other day" schedule that won’t let up any time soon and that puts pressure on those who are on the sidelines and those who are on the ice. The Ducks will have to continue to perform without key players for various reasons and that is going to be the real test for this blossoming team.

For those who expected to see Jonas Hiller take to the ice for 35-40 games in this shortened season are going to forcefully get their wish. With Viktor Fasth on the sideline for an uncertain amount of time, all of the duties will fall onto Hillers shoulders. While I’d really rather not see Hiller in the net all that often, I think I’d enjoy seeing Jeff Deslauries on the ice even less.


With the agreement in place to start a new alignment of the divisions, I can actually say I’m looking forward to the new set-up. I’m definitely not a fan of the Dallas Stars, so it’ll be nice to see them a little less than we normally do. On the other hand, if things stay the way they are, it’ll be way more fun to beat the Calgary Flames and the Edmonton Oilers and have those wins hold a bit more value. Not to mention, the travel up and down the coast will be an ease on the Ducks schedule as well. Sometimes change is fun, I have a feeling this might be one of those times!