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Corey Perry-Palooza: The Day After (Links)

We're doing all the work for you. All Perry stories, all day. Check back often!

I'm so rich I can play without a normal sized stick
I'm so rich I can play without a normal sized stick
Christian Petersen

Throughout the day today we're going to be collecting and posting links to stories about the Corey Perry contract extension. Check back often as we post more stories.


  • Ducks' Perry signs eight year, $69 million dollar contract extension [Eric Stephens] [Slideshow]
  • Wanna check for yourself? [CapGeek]
  • How does Perry's new megadeal affect the Ducks? [Eric Stephens]


  • Corey Perry signs up for eight more years in Anaheim, $69 million for his troubles [Harrison Mooney]
  • Why did Corey Perry re-sign with the Anaheim Ducks, rather than test the market? [Greg Wyshynski]
  • Marek vs. Wyshynski Show: Talking Perry's extension with Perry's agent, Mark Guy (who we should send an Edible Arrangement to) [MvsW]
  • The 'Jeff Carter Clause' is part of both Getz and Pears contracts. [Harrison Mooney]
  • Ducks reach deal with Perry to keep Getzlaf duo intact [Reuters]

SBNation NHL

  • Anaheim Ducks re-sign Corey Perry to 8-year extension [Pat Iversen]
  • Corey Perry contract: Why did the Ducks star remain in Anaheim? [Matt Brigidi]
  • How Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf's extensions will play into Evgeni Malkin's next deal [Pensburgh]

The LA Times


  • Ducks extend Corey Perry 8 years [ News]
  • Hats off, GM Murray, for locking down Perry [Pierre LeBrun]
  • Breakdown of Corey Perry's new contract [Pierre LeBrun]

The Backhand Shelf

CBC Sports


Pro-Hockey Talk

The Washington Post

  • Anaheim Ducks sign Corey Perry to 8-year contract extension, matching Ryan Getzlaf's deal [Associated Press]

The Hockey News

  • Will Ducks contend throughout Corey Perry's eight-year extension? [Rory Boylen]

  • Ducks sign Perry to eight-year extension [Curtis Zupke]
  • Video: NHL Tonight Extra (high-five to Kevin Weeks for breaking the story) [NHL Tonight]
  • Perry sits with John and Hazy during the game