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Know Thy Enemy: Three Questions With Carl From Five For Howling

Ahead of the home-home and home series against the Phoenix Coyotes, we get to know Carl Putnam, Managing Editor at Five for Howling.

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Since we're going to be seeing a lot of Phoenix over the next five days, let's get to know our SBNation Pacific Division rival blog Five for Howling and it's Managing Editor, Carl Putnam.

Chris Kober: If you would have started a collection plate when the team went up for bankruptcy, would you have more or less money than Greg Jamison by now? Seriously though, if worse comes to worse and the team has to relocate, would you still follow them? Side note: Arena is AMAZING, how terrible is it that it was built in Glendale and therefore gets blamed for the financial woes of the team?

Carl Putnam: I keep all my spare change in one of those empty five-gallon water cooler containers - not sure it's more than Jamison, but it's probably more than Hulsizer has in actual liquid assets.

I personally would still follow them, at least for awhile. I think the ties might fray a bit after players I followed for years leave, but I'm not so sure. I haven't lived in D.C. for almost 23 years and I'm still as big a Caps fan as I was when I lived there. I think the Coyotes tie would probably get broken when Phoenix inevitably got another team.

As for Jobing, sure I wish the building was in South Scottsdale like it should have been, or that Jerry Colangelo and the City of Phoenix wouldn't have taken Bettman at his word (allegedly) and built the arena downtown to hockey specs. However, it is what it is. There is no reason the team can't sell out games in Glendale once there is franchise stability.

CK: Don Maloney is pretty much the best GM there is, for dealing with all of this ownership crap and still putting a successful team on the ice. What is the best move he's made for the team? Besides bringing in Dave Tippett, because, Come on! There was no reason for Dallas to fire him in the first place.

CP: There are so many trades/signings. I would have to go with the goalie moves. Getting Bryz off the waiver wire and getting a Mike Smith on the cheap. I'm right with you on the Tippett firing. Toe Blake couldn't have done any better with the injury riddled locker room and messed up front office Tippett had to deal with his last season in Dallas.

CK: What kind of radioactive accident was Shane Doan involved in that makes him go all "DOAN SMASH!" when playing against the Ducks?

CP: The analogy to Bruce Banner is a good one, except for the father issues. Doan is a mild mannered gentlemen and solid citizen. While he's always working in his lab, he cares about the others in his life. However, when someone goes after him or one of his teammates he does indeed go big green man. This is true against other teams, but the Ducks use of their own razor sharp elbows probably has something to do with the Hulk in him coming out a bit more against Anaheim.

Carl had some questions for us, too!