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Your Friendly Thursday Links Roundup: The Teeeemmmuuuu! Edition

Don't call it a comeback...

Jeff Gross

After a series of mediocre (and even bad, shockingly) games, Teemu was back to his old ways in yesterday's win over the Blackhawks. Good for you, old man. Good for you.


  • Another recap of our 4-2 over the Chicago Blackhawks last night. [Orange County Register]
  • Teemu Selanne was Puck Daddy's First Star of the evening. [Puck Daddy]
  • A Q and A with new center David Steckel, courtesy of Adam Brady. [Anaheim Ducks]
  • [Ed. Addition - JN] Thanks to Brandon Bollig, Andrew Cogliano is now missing some teeth. Naturally, Cogs didn't even miss a shift (and no penalty was called). Suck it Rory McIlroy and your sore wisdom teeth! [Puck Daddy]